U/Win: UNIX Commands on Windows 3.0

8 March 2018

A strange one-soft-wonder from 1991. Created by The Boolean Group, U/Win brings 23 UNIX commands to Windows 3.0.

UWin's main window.

I think it's rather novel that this toolbox of commands was ported to Windows 3. There is no native Win16 command line to run them from, so it provides an interface and output window instead. Need grep? You can easily point and click the options as you require.

An option dialog for grep within UWin.

The program was distributed as a 21 day trial, costing $29.95 for the registered version.

Although I can't help but think that an MS-DOS native version of these commands would have been a better use of development time, I do find it quite fascinating to find these unique little pieces of shareware from Windows' early days.

(As a testament to Windows' backwards compatibility, it still works on 32-bit Windows using NTVDM 25 years later!)

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