Microsoft Word Viewer

13 February 2018

I am probably the only person who cares about Microsoft Word Viewer. First released way back in 1995 and based on Word 6.0, it was a good way to open Word documents when you didn't have the full program.

Microsoft Word Viewer 6.0 splash screen (a pair of reading glasses).

(As an aside... I love the design of splash screens from this era.)

My first use of the program was with Word Viewer 97. It was the very early 2000s and only had Microsoft Works 4, which did not support Word 97 files. Word Viewer allowed me to open the files and copy them into Works for editing.

The uh, "current" version of Word Viewer is based on Microsoft Word 2003 SP3. Office 2003 was discontinued way back in 2014, but Microsoft officially supported it until November 2017. For some reason though, there have still been updates as recently as February 2018 with KB4011703 (resulting in build 8447).

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