Cheating in Indy Jones' Desktop Adventures

15 February 2018

Okay, so if you've ever played this game before you might be wondering why on earth anyone would want to cheat. The whole point of the game is to trade your way to the end screen, with a few enemies in the way. If you cheat some items into your inventory, you may as well not play at all.

The answer... I want the Aztec Sword.

When you start a new game, you get the whip and one random weapon. The best one is the Aztec Sword and it is by far the rarest random weapon.

My first port of call was the web. It's an old game, so if a cheat code has been found it would be somewhere. But I could only find codes for Yoda's Desktop Adventures (the sequel to this game) and they didn't work. So I next had a look inside the game's binary to see if I could find a cheat code in there. I did find a couple screens that proved a cheat mode was available, but I could not work out how to reach them.

Desktop Adventures within a resource editor.

I put that idea on ice and decided to see if I could add items another way. Through a bit of before-n-after saving, I worked out where the items were stored in the save file and then I managed to find the weapon codes needed to add to the inventory. So I could start a new game, save it immediately, hex edit the item in, load the game and bingo. Powerful sword is now mine!

Below is a map to help. All values are in hexadecimal. When you add an extra item to the inventory (red area), increase the item count (blue area). You can put the item directly into the equipped area, but you will lose it if you change weapon as you don't have it in your inventory.

Hex editor view of the savegame.

So there you have it! If anyone knows how to reach the cheat screen (first screenshot above) within the game, please let me know! My address is my first name at this domain.

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