Amstrad CPC Maps

16 September 2018 | Updated 20 December 2018

Here are some maps I have created for these three games:


I originally plotted the rooms out by hand back in the year 2000. This is a digitally drawn version of that, with a few notes and hints included. It is intended for use with the Amstrad CPC port, as the Commodore and Spectrum versions use four colours for the keys and associated locks. That changes the order you use said keys, and thus changes the puzzle element of the game. It still may be useful though, as the floor plan is the same.

Con-Quest map thumbnail.

Download: PDF (2360KB)


A simple map for Activator by Cascade Games. Each screen in the game shows a number at the bottom, allowing easier navigation. The manual says that if you collect the fuel rods in order, you get bonus points. I have not managed to do so as I think I'd have to cheat to 1) not die and 2) have enough in-game time.

Activator map thumbnail.

Download: PDF (427KB)

Molecule Man

This is a colourised map that has been stitched together from level editor screenshots. It doesn't make the game any easier! The map is also valid for the Spectrum version of the game. ROB refers to the game's original writer, Robin Thompson.

Molecule Man maze map thumbnail

Download: PNG (129KB)

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